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I. Uva Province Flag


In the days of the Sinhala kings, Sri Lanka had been divided into twelve provinces and ruled and each of these twelve provinces had been allotted a flag. Accordingly, in order to bring about qualities such as pleasantness, innocence, greatness and royalty, a flag with a picture of swan had been allotted to the Uva Province.

The flag that was gifted to Uva Province by the King Sri  Wickrama Rajasinghe who ruled the kingdom of Kandy during the period 1798-1815 can be seen even today at the National Museum ( Courtesy:  Book entitled “Uva Ithihasaya” by Panditha Naulle Dhammananda Thero )


II. Flower of Uva Province

Guruluraja - Foxtail orchid

The Guruluraja flower which has been named as Uva Province flower is scientifically known as Rhynchostylis retusa and belongs to the Orchidaceae family and Rhynchostylis genius. This plant in English is called as Foxtail Orchid and ‘Batticaloa Orchid’

Under the flora and fauna ordinance, this plant has been named as a protected species of the Rhnchostylis genius and also a very rare Orchid plant seen Sri Lanka.

It blooms in the months of Novermber to April and is grown in houses for beautification. It has a medicinal value also.


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