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The Governor

The office of the Governor was established in accordance with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the Provincial Council Act No 47 of 1987. As such, the Governor functions as the head of the Provincial Council and also as the representative of the President in the Province.

The governor is appointed by the President. He continues to hold that office during the pleasure of the President and the governor’s office is treated on par with the position of a Cabinet Minister.

The governor may summon, prorogue and dissolve the provincial council. He may also address and send messages to the Provincial Council.

The Governor may appoint as Chief Minister the leader of the political party who commands the support of a majority of the Members in the Council and also the rest of four Ministers of the Board of Ministers.

The governor can exercise his executive powers either directly through the Board of Ministers or through the officers in respect of the subjects in the Provincial CouncilList and the Concurrent List of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. He is also the chief executive responsible for the scheduled subjects under the Provincial Council. This executive power is exercised by the Governor on behalf of the His Excellency the President. The Governor has the power to submit to the Provincial Council for reconsideration a decision which has already been taken by the Provincial Council without, giving his assent and also exercise his powers according to his discretion in case issues of such nature arise.

The Governor has the following powers also in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the Provincial Council Act.

  • Matters relating to Provincial Council / Provincial Board of Ministers / Members of the Provincial Council
  • Activities relating to Emergency Fund of the Province.
  • Matters relevant to appointment, transfers, dismissals, disciplinary control etc of the Provincial Public Service
  • Recommendation of financial statutes
  • Obtaining Auditor General’s reports
  • Appointment of Provincial Public Service Commission
  • Holding Provincial Council Fund and Provincial Emergency Fund.
  • Activities relating to formation of statutes on matters in the Provincial Council List.

Accordingly representing the President in the Province the Governor as the provincial executive keeps a constant watch on the activities of the Council and ensures that activities of the Council are not inconsistent with the Constitution and national policies. Here the Governor acts without getting directly involved in the provincial administration yet with the constant understanding and knowledge of the activities of the Council. 

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