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Uva Provincial Governor, Hon. M. P. Jayasinghe begins his duties.


President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena, was appointed the Hon. M. P. Jayasinghe as the Uva Provincial Governor on 27 January 2015. He was sworn in by the President to the day.


After being appointed as an Uva Provincial Governor, Hon. M.P.Jayasinghe established his duties on the 30th of January 2015, at Uva Provincial Governor's Office. The event held in the middle of the blessing of all religious leaders. Political leaders, Uva Provincial Chief Secretary Mr. P.B.Amarasekere, Secretary to the Governor Mr. H.M. Somathilaka and officers of the Uva Provincial council were attending on this occasion.

After the start up of his duties, Hon. Governor, M. P. Jayasinghe addressed the gathered officials and said that he will give a provisions to new government initiatives hundred days, and apply it to the implement of the Uva Province. Further more he said that he will work closely with the political authority and government officials, and will be taking Uva Province development to a new position.



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